Sokka Helmet Original Design 3D printfile (Last Airbender)

Married Makers

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3D print our original take on Sokka's battle helmet!

The width of the helmet (from cheekbone to cheekbone in photo) is about 16cm.  Depending on your head size you may need to scale accordingly.
The file provided comfortably fits a 57cm crown.
* if rescaling the models , please make sure all pieces are scaled uniformly. *

What's included:
- .OBJ's of all of the print files.
- assembly instruction file.
- images of 3d file to identify smaller bits.

We printed our helmet in ABS.  This will make the fine details much easier to sand, and acetone welding it together makes it super strong.  It can also be printed in PLA and glued together using any type of CA super glue.

The teeth, eyes, and gems were printed using resin, but can also be printed with FDM

* files are compressed using .rar, which can be extracted by winrar, winzip, and 7zip.
* please note that different 3D slicing programs (Cura, simplify3D etc...) may have different units set as default.  Our files are exported in CM, so if your slicing program is set to MM, you will have to scale the prints by a factor of 10. *